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Top 5 Hoverboard Designs

Emoji Hoverboards Hoverboard Skins

Customized Hoverboard Stickers

Which Hoverboard Skin is your favorite?

  • #5  it's the slick Blue Flame Hoverboard design. It's soo glossy in person. The cool blue flame make's your hoverboard really fly!
  • #4 for the Pop Art fan, the Mondrian Hoverboard skin is like a museum on wheels!
  • # 3When it comes to standing out but still blending in, you can not go wrong with the green camo. A timless classic. 
  • In at 2nd place but so very hard to choose is the Emoji Vinyl Wrap. It's SOOO emojinal!
  • of course at #1 , it is out of this world, the Galaxy Hoverboard Sticker! wow! There is no way to go wrong with this one


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