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Giving Your Hoverboard A Makeover with Hoverboard Skins!

hoverboard skin custom vinyl wrap sticker blue camo


So, for many of you, the end of last summer was the big hoverboard craze! Hoverboards are still very popular but maybe your board is a little...bored? Don't worry, I'm gonna show you how easy it is to get your board looking nice, pretty and BRAND NEW in no time!!

Started from the TOP now we here!

Blue Camo Hoverboard Skin Vinyl Wrap

With the Hoverboard Skins, it's ALWAYS best to start out on the floor. And the easiest is to start with the top of the hoverboard. Luckily if you order a Hoverboard wrap from Hovercover it comes with step by step instructions!! 

Make Sure You Have The Correct Sides

Hoverboard skin vinyl wrap sticker decal blue camo emoji galaxy flame

Guys I can't stress it enough, there are 4 main cut outs on the sides, it's important to pay attention! The LED cutouts, the power button and the plane one. Please pay attention and you will have a beautiful Blue Camo in no time!

Line them up right!

The Insides Can Get Tricky

This is a part that confuses a lot of people! You have to make sure you line up the inside of the diagonal part with the pointy part facing up! Don't worry the instructions included from Hover Cover will show you where to apply.

Hoverboard skin hovercover vinyl wrap sticker


The edges of the curves fit PERFECTLY, just line them up. See, it was important for use to start from the sides earlier because then we could overlap them

hoverboard skins

The inside is the most fun part :)

hoverboard skin vinyl wrap sticker

just line it up

Back to Back


hovercover skin hoverboard vinyl wrap sticker

and FINALLY we are almost done! The only part about the back that I say is to make sure you line up the edges from the wheel. Ones that is line up, press it from the middle and then smooth it with your fingers from the middle out.

hovercover hoverboard skin sticker vinyl wrap decal


hovercover hoverboard skin vinyl wrap decal


Hovercover Hoverboard skin vinyl wrap sticker decal blue camo

hovercover hoverboard vinyl wrap skin decal sticker

Doesn't it look amazing!!! Well head on over to Hover Cover and get this custom blue camo hoverboard skin NOW!


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