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5 Stylish Looks To Protect Your Hoverboard

Need to Protect your hoverboard?

A Hoverboard Case will prevent damages and scratches from use. There are many colors to customize your hoverboard. Silicone cases also provide a lightweight solution without taking away from the hoverboard riding expereinece. So lets take a look at some great options!!



Black Hoverboard Case


Hoverboard case silicone Protective

Hoverboard case protective silicone hoverboard hover cover

Black is the new black and it NEVER goes out of style! What's great about this Black Silicone Hoverboard case is that it blends in  with whatever hoverboard you have :) no need to worry. 


Blue Hoverboard Case

Blue Hoverboard Case Silicone Hoverboard Blue Protective case

The Electric Blue Silicone Hoverboard case is perfect for those who want something that stands out but still has that blending undertone. The second most popular after black.

Red Hoverboard Case


protective hoverboard case

Red Protective Hoverboard Case Silicone


Nothing gets more attention then RED!! This Protective hoverboard case in red is what you NEED if you want your board to get attention and still protect your board then go with the Red Hoverboard silcone case

Green Hoverboard Protective Silicone Case

Green Protective Hoverboard Case


Going GREEN!! This pops, sort of lime mint green. It's perfect for someone who is looking for that earthy but still neon tone. You can't go wrong with a Green Silicone Hoverboard Case


Hoverboard Case Protective Silicone Hoverboard Case

Grey hoverboard Case

Some people say this Grey is a throwback to the 90s looking computers. I sort of agree!! The Grey Silicone Hoverboard Case is for those who want to look like a computer on wheels!! hahah



As always these and MANY more cases, and designs are avaliable at HoverCover.CO





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