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Special Hoverboard Skins For Casey Neistat

The team at Hover Cover decided it was time for Youtube star Casey Neistat to get a protective customized hoverboard skin. 

If you haven't seen Casey's youtube videos they are LEGENDARY! We can not go a day without missing them. From his interesting camera angles, editing,  drone shots, and the fact that he does it daily is just outstanding!!  Of course we can't forget to mention one of the first with a hoverboard!  We just had to make something special for him, since he makes something special for us everyday. 


Hover Cover Casey Neistat Hoverboard skins

The team had these hand delivered and we printed special for Casey and the BEME team.

Hovercover hoverboard skin for casey Neistat

Casey Neistat Hoverboard skin wrap hovercover

We made a custom hoverboard skins designed to look like his workspace as well as some personal effects. (Sunglasses, knifes,drones,camera and his Signature) We also included some custom BEME in green and black and our two most popular designs, Galaxy and Emoji

Casey, we hope we make it to mail time, fingers crossed. And even more lucky if you actually put them on your board!!  If you do want some for yourself just take a look at



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