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How to Customize A Hoverboard

Step By Step!

With summer approaching fast and the weather getting nicer you will want to be outside riding on your hoverboard with your friends. What better way to stand out then with a customized emoji hoverboard? Want to know how to do it? Check out the link below.


Clean your hoverboard 

If you want the hoverboard skin to stick to the board then you better make sure there is not any dirt. You can clean the hoverboard with an alcohol pad and make sure that it's nice and shinny before your start. The 3m material that is on the hoverboard wrap is very sticky and will not adhere will to surfaces that have dirt on it.


Get Comfortable 

You want your work area nice and flat, sometimes it's best to just get down on the floor and spread out. The hoverboard can be tricky at times because the wheels move so be sure to account for that.


Pay Attention To The Shapes

One of the good thing about Hover Cover vinyl wraps is that it comes with step by step instructions! Some of the shapes on the hoverboad skin can be confusing so it's best to double check and make sure that you have the correct skin available. It can be especially confusing on the front interior parts of the hoverboard so just make sure the tips line up on the inside with the front part facing out. 


Smooth Out The Bubbles

When applying the hoverboard skin, it's best to just take your fingers and run them from the middle out. Sometimes it helps to get yourself a felt tipped squeegy 


Be Sure To Enjoy

Once you have completed your hoverboard look just be sure to enjoy it!! You can see there are lots of designs, Galaxy, Emoji  , American Flag , Mondrian , Back To The Future

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